Saturday, April 26, 2008

What free press?

... when hubby still cannot get the Oriental Daily News delivered to our home together with the English papers ...

The only place you can get a copy of this paper is at the 7-Eleven stores.

Know why?


Updated @ 5:05pm, Sunday April 27, 2008 for some answers to the above:-

Daily vs Daily - Challenging the Big Boys (Aliran Monthly 23:7, 2003)
"Sin Chew and its sister publication, Guang Ming, have now joined hands with their old enemies, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press, to exert pressure on vendors not to sell Orental Daily."

Malaysian media mogul's big China bet (Asia Times Online, Southeast Asia Feb 15, 2007)
"From its inception, however, the Oriental Daily has encountered difficulty distributing through local vendors, who claim they would be denied supplies of Tiong's four publications if they carried the paper."

From the Wikipedia:
Oriental Daily News (Chinese: 東方日報) is one of Malaysia's daily Chinese-language newspapers. It was officially launched on New Year's Day 2003. The newspaper group is owned by KTS Group, a Sarawak timber company founded by late Datuk Lau Hui Kang.

The newspaper actually published its first issue on 29 September 2002, but its publication’s permit was suspended by the Malaysian Home Ministry. The lift was subsequent lifted in December 2002. It was reported a large numbers of journalists from the Nanyang Press group left to join this newspaper group.

The newspaper was also frequently criticised for publishing racially inflammatory articles, particularly on issues concerning the alleged conspiracy instigated by the government to systematically discriminate and suppress the non Malay minorities.[citation needed] Nonetheless, the newspaper has defended its action, saying that its editorial orientation was 'politically justified'.



Blogger Maverick SM said...

Why? Tell me please!!

26/4/08 21:51  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Mave, I don't have all the answers but from what the vendor told me, the reasons are as per the links I've put up in my update on this post. The pressure on them still stands.

27/4/08 17:01  

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