Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ops Xenon - hangat hangat tahi ayam?

I did wonder when our authorities are going to wake up to the problems posed by Xenon headlights.

Apparently now they have. Let's hope this is not another farcical attempt to show the rakyat that they are earning their keep with the recent increase in government salaries.

Crackdown on Xenon headlights (The Star, 14 June 2007)

KANGAR: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will act against vehicle owners who modify their headlamps with bright Xenon lights that are blinding to other motorists at night.

JPJ Director of Enforcement Salim Parlan said the Xenon lights could blind drivers of vehicles coming from the opposite direction or in front of them.

He said the JPJ had received several complaints from the public on these modified headlamps and would take immediate action against modification beyond the set standard under the Road Transport Act 1987.

“These Xenon lights are too bright and can obstruct the visibility of other road users at night. This poses a danger to the other road users,” he said during an integrated traffic operation here yesterday.

The Road Transport Act provides for a RM200 fine for modification to a vehicle without the approval of JPJ's technical authorities. Salim said the JPJ was considering regulations to prohibit the use of Xenon lights on vehicles altogether. “We know that vehicles of several manufacturers use such lights. The JPJ will submit its application to introduce such regulations to the higher authorities for consideration,” he said.



Blogger zewt said...

since the i-will-crack-down-on-kereta-sambung-tahi died down... must have another tahi la.... right?

14/6/07 22:03  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Betul, Zewt! The "cermin hitam tahi", "polis sticker tahi", "overload lorry tahi" etc have all lost their 5-min stink to the next news-worthy ops.

The grass elsewhere is certainly greener & fresher than the mud here if you look at the amount of tahi we have all over the place, eh?

15/6/07 11:07  
Blogger Helen said...

About time.

I'll hold out on the champagne until the regulation is approved. ;-(

16/6/07 19:05  
Blogger zewt said...

i read in the papers about how the entries into uni will be out next week.... here we go again on our annual this one cannot enter uni and then MCA comes to save the day saga.

16/6/07 21:30  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Helen dear, even if the regulation gets approved, the enforcement often stinks big time, si?

Zewt: Since a lot of rumours are going round that this will probably be election year, expect a huge circus act where MCA gets to play BIG BROTHER HERO to all those poor NEP casualties. Another reminder of why Malaysia keeps on celebrating mediocrity.

17/6/07 18:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No stupid! JPJ give 3 months to those who still using it. and if they caught, they just give a warning letter. The fine will be implement in 3 months time stupid. Dont mark people, you can just have a call to JPJ office

10/6/08 23:38  

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