Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I blog to change myself

This is interesting.

On page IT15 of InTech pullout from The Star today is a feature article titled, "Why Blogs Wont Change The World."

Written by Seth Finkelstein, the opening line of the article says, "The use of censorware by repressive governments is now becoming a legitimate policy matter."

Some other interesting sound-bites:-

"... the very rare person who achieves substantial influence via a blog is often widely touted as a success story." (Jeff and RPK could be good examples in the Malaysian context.)

"But the complementary outcome is not widely publicised - that is, all the people who are blogging their hearts out and never being heard beyond a tiny fan audience." (Sadly, that's probably you and me here.)

"Talking mainly among a small self-selected group can also lead to a very misleading impression of the reach of one's ideas." (N.A.B. or All-Blogs?)

"... when looking into a hall of mirrors, it's very easy to mistake all those reflections for a crowd of supporters." (Again, YOU-know-who.)

"The result can be a very large amount of wasted energy, with the only gainers being blog evangelists."


I thought it is rather delusional for a person to actually start a blog with the intention to "change the world."

I started this blog as an outlet to the many thoughts and arguments that swirled in my head each time I read something that provoked me.

And there's no shortage of ideas just from reading the newspapers each morning. But even I get bored of the same arguments each day.

But more than anything else, this blog has allowed me to step out of my box the way I am rather hesitant to do in the real world. I have learned to "see" things not in the way I am so used to seeing but from many different angles. And that is pretty cool to me.

This blog is only as interesting to me as it's usefulness in contributing to my personal growth.

Am I happy "even with a select group of devotees" as opined by Mr Finkelstein?

I'm happy because the few who continue to read what I write have contributed to my sense of ego-wellbeing. Writing a blog is essentially talking to oneself and when strangers come together to make you feel heard, and in the process, offer an invisible hand of friendship in all sincerity - that's VERY satisfying to me.

But Mr Finkelstein also suggested that, "... it's also quite reasonable to be unhappy at not getting beyond that level."

Maybe to those who set out to blog into fame and fortune, I guess.

I blog to change myself. And I'm happy that there is a small group of people out there who is sharing this personal journey with me.

It's not easy to muster the enthusiasm to continue blogging to a small audience.

And it's also no mean feat for the same people to continue dropping by and support my efforts.

So, hey, THANK YOU!!!

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Blogger zewt said...

i dont think anyone actually intends to change the world with bloggs. and i am sure many of us will realise that it's not possible.

well... changing the world is always futile... whether it's by blogging or any other means.

12/6/07 21:52  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

When I started blogging in Nov 2003, it was because I wanted to learn something about the cyberworld.

In fact, till 2005, I hardly had 30 visitors and possibly less than one comments a month.

But it never deterred me as I was writing for myself, and for some of my students who love to read my postings but would never ever made a single comments till today.

However, since then, I do have quite a few comments, not as much as newbie Zewt, and of course can't dream to be like Jeff or even Rocky. Somehow, I just love doing what I am doing in this blogosphere.

12/6/07 22:19  
Blogger desiderata said...


I blog so that fleeting moments can be captured in my FILE called WORDSwhile.

if friends like Mave, Howsy and AM come along to form an alliance with D*art, I say: Docs, why not. But yet till today, One maskquiteer remains "under cover".
Docs, can you find out Why, Why?
I darted to-&-fro, do the can-can
yet she's steal shy-shy!:(

12/6/07 23:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only fools try to change the world. The wise conquers himself. So what the star says is foolish bullshit.


13/6/07 12:23  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Zewt: As a "newbie", you have captured the hearts of yr readers by staying in touch with them on a personal level. I hope you will continue to be inspired to blog on wherever you choose to settle down in future. Good luck Zewt!

Mave: I'm personally glad u continue to enjoy blogging and I hope you will keep your blog alive for years!! I understand that sometimes we don't get that many comments on our blogs because we ourselves hardly comment on the blogs that we visit - so, I really can't complain. But I learn that cyber-friendships are in some ways much like real-life friendships - we need to keep in touch regularly to keep it alive, without coming across like a stalker!!!

Desi: Aiyoyo - you sure aren't going to let me get away that easily, aren't you?? FuRong is a small place - sooner or later, we'll bump into each other. Only that, I'll know it's DESI but DESI won't know AM has spotted him!! What fun!! heheheh :-D

13/6/07 12:29  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hello madmonk! You're as wise as me, I see, haha!

13/6/07 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anak Merdeka,

No, you're wiser, I'm just mad!! ha, ha......

13/6/07 13:59  

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