Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cowboy town Johor in the news again

Johor is again in the news, for something that this state linked to Singapore by a bridge is getting infamous for.

Waylaid couple assaulted, woman gang-raped (NST, 13 June 2007)

JOHOR BARU: It was a date that turned horribly wrong for a young couple from Pontian. They were assaulted and robbed, and then the girl was gang-raped by four men who had waylaid them.

Their nightmare began about 10.30pm on Monday. The couple was taking a leisurely drive in a Proton Iswara towards Johor Baru, when a Toyota Altis rammed into their car from behind on a lonely road in Gelang Patah.

The 22-year-old boyfriend, who was at the wheel, was worried about his 19-year-old girlfriend and felt uneasy about stopping as there were four burly men in the car which had rammed their car.

He drove on and tried to get to a crowded area while his girlfriend frantically called her elder brother on her cell phone and told him that they were being pursued by a group of men.
However, after a few kilometres, the couple’s car broke down and they were forced to stop.

The four men confronted the couple. One of them slashed the boyfriend on his legs with a parang.

They were also robbed of their wallets, jewellery and cell phones.

The robbers then bundled the couple into their car and took them to a hut in Taman Tampoi Indah about 40km away.

There, the robbers took turns raping the girl while her boyfriend was forced to watch.

Meanwhile, the girl’s brother who was driving around Taman Perling searching for his sister, chanced upon a police patrol car.

According to MCA Youth Public Service and Complaints Department deputy chief Rodney Soon, the policemen in the car listened to the girl’s brother before driving off.

The couple was released about 1.30am. They sought help from passers-by who took them to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

The boyfriend’s father later lodged a police report at the hospital’s police beat base.

Police could not be reached for comment.



Anonymous bobby said...

i read this news in the star this morning....just din realised it happened in pontian till i read ur blog....crappo damn crime infested

13/6/07 20:53  
Blogger zewt said...

one of the reason why i dont really like to travel there. have been warned it's notorious... :(

13/6/07 21:23  
Anonymous LC_Teh said...

Well....can't say we're surprised, right? Many years ago I remember S'pore's Lee Kuan Yew mentioned JB as a notorious crime infested town, with car-jackings, robberies etc. Our folks on this side of the causeway raised a stink and screamed bloody murder at Mr Lee. Since then we've proven him right.

13/6/07 21:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray that these 4 bastard will get their punishment soon, they are worst than an animal

14/6/07 14:56  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Bobby: I heard that yesterday evening's Chinese vernacular newspaper Sin Chew Jit Poh had a detailed version of how the local policemen weren't of much help when the victims approached them for assistance. Wished there's an English translation of that news somewhere.

Zewt: Johor has earned itself a notorious reputation among would-be tourists. I just wonder why our Federal Govt is not serious about cleaning up the police force there.

LC Teh: Hello! MM Lee may very well be having a smug smile right now. How embarrassing :-(

Anon: I'd say we should also punish those ppl who are supposed to keep the streets safe but failed to do their duty and allowed the situation to stink and rot.

14/6/07 18:02  
Blogger zewt said...

go read the corridors of power in malaysia today... the last 2 entries depict why...

14/6/07 18:13  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Sometimes I wonder how RPK gets away with stuff like that?

14/6/07 21:09  

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