Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Racist Joke for Ijok

The heat is really getting intensely hot in Ijok.

I think it has fried the brains of even rational and educated men, turning them into a fine example of Bullshitting Nincompoops.

This joker demonstrated today how logic has flown out the door in his rhetoric for the political masters of the day:-

(The Star, page N8, 25 April 2007)

It's no joke in Ijok
Comment by Wong Chun Wai

(blah blah blah - You can read the full post in the link above)

I just want to highlight 2 things which baffles me in Mr Wong's commentary.

1. ... the people of Ijok should vote for Parthiban, not because he is an Indian or a Malay, but because he is a Malaysian.

2. Likewise, no one should be voting for Khalid because he is a Malay as it would be a seriously unhealthy political trend.

Now I have 2 questions to ask Mr Wong.

1. Are you saying that since Parthiban is a BN candidate, he now wears the "MALAYSIAN" label on his forehead and voters in Ijok should dismiss the fact that he is an Indian, unless they are racists?

2. Are you also saying that since Khalid is an opposition candidate, he should not be viewed as a "MALAYSIAN" and voters in Ijok are racists if they vote for him because he is a Malay?

Either way, this is all about RACE, isn't it?

If the above rhetoric by an editor of a mainstream newspaper in Malaysia is anything to go by, I am bracing myself for the worse when the next general election is announced.

The race card is well and truly alive in BN politics and it's not ever going to go away judging by what we are seeing today.

How sad.

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Anonymous dan said...

BN might be playing dirty, but Mr. Wong is right in his main point - The voters should not vote based on the race is Indian.

There's nothing wrong with that. I know you're trying to show BN is playing the race card, but it's a bad example. There are many examples, but *this* one is not it.

Mr. Wong is correct. Although let's see if he brings up the same line of thinking when BN fields a Malay candidate instead of Indian in a Malay-dominated constituency.

25/4/07 11:33  
Blogger Lifecode Sotre said...

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25/4/07 11:49  
Anonymous xpyre said...


It's the way he's said it, to paraphrase:

"you should vote for Parthiban (because he's Malaysian)"

"you *should not* vote for Khalid (because he's Malay)"

Sure, the essence of what he says is, presumably correct. It is the way he says it that is not only suggestive, but offensive.

And don't you find it pretty ironic that a coalition like BN, which based its whole platform on communal politics, should now come out and say "don't vote based on race"?

25/4/07 11:56  
Blogger pablopabla said...

Usually Mr. (Datuk, I think) Wong Chun Wai writes logically and is quite far minded. Unfortunately, I am a bit confused with what he's trying to say this time. I truly hope he will not sell his principles for please men.

25/4/07 12:06  
Blogger zewt said...

i am very very tempted to blog about this....

25/4/07 13:03  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Go on Zewt, I'd like to hear what you think of this.

25/4/07 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writer has a record to boot and a datukship. What do you expect him to write except for the political master and by the way who is his employer? Who owns the paper. ou have to be a lapdog columnist to survive in there. Look at the writer's background. You don't get a datukship for free.

25/4/07 14:23  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

When it comes to voting, they speak as Malaysians. Thereafter, they speak about majority rights to suppress minority. We minority are never considered as Malaysian; except during election time.

25/4/07 21:46  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Isn't the demised MP a 'Malaysian' too?

What has he brought to Ijok when he was 'still around'. WCW's articles has gone from 'well-balanced' to 'cari-makan, beb'.

He should surrender his 'Journalistic Lisence'(if there's such a thing) hahaha

28/4/07 02:37  

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