Friday, April 13, 2007

RM2.30 a day for a family of 7? That's sickening

From the NST, 13 April 2007:-

Better future for mum whose son committed suicide

PENAMPANG: Hina Joloni, whose 11-year-old son committed suicide last month due to poverty, and her five children can look forward to a better future.

The district office is building them a RM21,000 house at Kampung Kolopis here under the hardcore-poor housing scheme. District officer William Sampil said it had identified the site for the house.

"Construction is expected to begin soon and several individuals have agreed to sponsor the furniture and kitchen utensils," he said.

Hina’s son, Donny John Dion, a Year-Five pupil of SK Kinarut, hanged himself at their house at Kampung Suangon in Kinarut on March 20.

He took his life as he felt humiliated when his classmates likened the porridge he had brought to school to dog vomit. He was also upset when his request to buy an ice cream was denied by his mother, who gets RM70 monthly from the Welfare Department.

The department will increase the amount to RM150 this month.

Hina, whose husband is in prison for a drug offence, suffers from thalassaemia and a heart problem.

Meanwhile, a group of Kuala Lumpur-based Kadazandusun professionals and businessmen, led by Datuk Richard Bainon, gave RM20,000 to Hina.

The money will be disbursed monthly, with her receiving RM500 as living allowance.


RM70 a month from the Welfare Department for a sick mom with 6 kids to feed? Less than RM3 (USD0.85) a day! I feel so sick.

Some leaders from the Barisan Nasional should be ashamed of themselves, when millions of ringgit (RM17 million to be exact) can be allocated to sponsor a football competition.

How many other similar destitute families like Hina are presently trying to survive on the generous assistance of RM70 a month from the government?

And now, because of the tragedy, the Welfare Department decided to increase the monthly payment to RM150. That works out to be a generous RM5 a day for the family of 6 now.

A better future for Hina and her kids?



Anonymous nazlihaffiz said...


less than 3 bucks a day for a sick mom with 6 kids..

wonder how the dude in klang built his palace and yet the gormen couldn't spend more on the poor family instead..

malaysia boleh i guess..

14/4/07 09:14  
Blogger johnleemk said...

"Less than RM3 (USD0.85) a day!"

Holy hell. The UN and World Bank define USD1 per day as the minimum for one person to get by. USD0.85 for a family of 7 is just...unbelievable.

15/4/07 16:09  
Blogger nooryahaya said...

john, so you feel outraged? i thought you are against minimum wage and safety net, judging by your postings.
all those free market rantings. what you want to reeducate this mother of 6, send her to school so she can get better job at a factory in shah alam?

25/4/07 14:02  

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