Saturday, April 21, 2007

Soup for my sniffles

I'm having the sniffles.

What's with the weather these days? One minute, it's hot and sunny and the next, it's pouring buckets. That's how I got caught in one unexpected downpour a few days ago.

I hate having a cold because all the sneezing and blowing always left me with a sore and red nose. And if things get nasty, I ended up with a sore throat that refuses to go away.

Now I'm craving for some nice hot soup. A lovely tangy, peppery apple celery soup like the one I had in a restaurant recently.

To me, home-made soups should be made from fresh chicken stock made on the stove so that you get more nutritional value out of your efforts. It's really easy - just throw in some chicken bones or half a chicken into a pot of boiling water, add in one or two large onions and let it boil away slowly for 2 hours. I normally sieve the stock before using it to get a clear broth. And you can freeze any unused soup for later.

Chop up one green apple and two stalks of celery. Put them into three bowls of clear chicken stock and simmer them in slow heat until they are soft. Add in coarsely ground black pepper and salt to taste.

By the time the soup is done, I got about 2 bowls of soup in the pot. I've made mine with a good dash of black pepper for that extra "kick". It's nice and warming. And hopefully, it'll ease my discomfort considerably.



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