Monday, January 08, 2007

Bland kolo-mee in Kuching

Continuing my quest to sample the cuisine of Kuching, I absolutely must try their famous kolo-mee which I have heard is not the same as our local wanton mee in the Peninsular (although they look suspiciously the same.)

I ventured into the Padungan area again and located a rather large shop which was packed to the brim with their lunch crowd. I did not have to wait too long before a small table was cleared for us.

I ordered a plate of kolo-mee and when it arrived at my table, I had a sinking feeling that it's not going to be up to my expectations.

The "maggi-mee" like noodle looks a tad dry and clumpy. When I lifted the noodles with my chopsticks, they stuck together like a tangled mass of rubber-bands. I know I shouldn't compare it with our local wanton mee but surely the test of a good plate of well-made noodles should be that every individual strand should separate and slide smoothly into your mouth?

Looks aside, it also tasted rather bland and if not for the generous amount of cut cili-padi condiment that I helped myself to spice it up, I guess I could not have finished that plate of kolo-mee in front of me.

Yes, it was disappointing. I consoled myself that I have not found the "right" kolo-mee shop. Maybe I'd have better luck next time. Maybe I should just ask Kenny for directions to the best kolo-mee stall in Kuching next time. I'm sure the famed dish so loved by Kuching folks must taste better than what I had.

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Blogger Maverick SM said...

Even the best kolo-mee shop may only taste slightly better, but in general, they are the same bland thing.

8/1/07 23:28  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Really Mave? WOW - that is news to me, knowing how Kuching folks rave about their kolo-mee.

9/1/07 08:21  
Blogger Helen said...

Ipoh food best. Plenty of taste, plenty of msg! lol

9/1/07 09:04  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Really Helen? How come you still have a full head of crowning glory?? LOL

9/1/07 11:23  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

Aiyah! You should have told me earlier that you were visiting Kch. I would have given you the directions for the good stuffs including famous kolo mees.

9/1/07 12:55  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Really Pablo? You mean to dispute Mave's claim that all kolo-mee tastes like the same bland stuff?

I think now even Mave would like to be proven wrong b'coz I know he travels to Kuching regularly.

Let us know where the real deal is!!

9/1/07 17:46  
Blogger pablopabla said...

Kolo mee may taste similar in most shops but u must know where the gems are ;)

One is Sin Lian Shin at Green Road - opposite the junction to Green Road Sec School (where I previously studied). There's another good one nicknamed Fak Fak at 8th mile. Another famous one is Ta Wan Kung (Big Bowl) at Padungan.

The difference with these shops are the texture of the noodles, taste of minced pork and the general seasoning used.

I shall have to patiently wait for CNY for my next trip to my in-laws.

10/1/07 10:24  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Aiks... why ask me? I'm not from Kuching la, I'm from Penang. Maybe you should ask Kenny Sia, Not Kenny Ng la. :P

12/1/07 14:15  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Because you said you liked kolo-mee so I thought u know something I don't. Do you, Kenny?? :-)

12/1/07 15:21  

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