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UMNO vs Pak Lah?

I am concerned, after reading the letter written by Din Merican to Dr Bakri Musa which was posted on the latter's website here where in the following paragraph towards the end of the letter, he made a disturbing remark:-

" ... I am told from fairly reliable sources that there is apparently considerable pressure for Abdullah to step down before the next UMNO General Assembly in September 2006. May be they will gave him a face-saving way out, in the usual Asian tradition. They will ask him to step down and reward him with a Tunship together with a bundle of cash. That would definitely be cheaper considering the damage he has already inflicted on the economy. Look at the ringgit and the mounting losses in KLSE since he took office from his illustrious predecessor. It is not likely that the Prime Minister would give up power that easily since those close to him would be affected in the same way that Tun Mahathir’s supporters are now experiencing." (the bolded words are mine.)

Please read the full text of the letter on Dr Bakri's website for a clearer picture of the contents therein.

I wonder how bad the true situation is for Pak Lah given that there is now an insinuation that within the ranks of UMNO itself, there is a clear attempt to oust him.

Could this possibly happen?

My concern is this:- If Pak Lah indeed ended up being a one-term Prime Minister, is this good or bad news for Malaysians?

Personally, I am not hopeful that any other person who may currently be in the running for the post of PM in the event that Pak Lah does vacate his position would be a better deal for Malaysia.

Pak Lah, for all his weaknesses, had outlined the best agenda so far for all of us. The only thing lacking is his ability to implement them with the stamp of authority needed to push things through in this country.

I may not be a fan of Dr M but one thing I do admire about the old man is his determination to see through his plans, come what may. That man can move mountains if he so put his mind to it, never mind the fact that his modus operandi can sometimes be downright appalling. But you definitely won't see Dr M hee-hawing over any issue that crops up and casting a less than desirable impact on the image of the country and the government under his rule.

The reason why I think Din Merican's observation is pertinent revealed itself when Pak Lah finally came out in the open to deny Khairy's influence on his decision-making process.

You can read the press reports covered by all the English mainstream papers here.

And lo and behold, the very next day, UMNO information chief, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib made a public statement that UMNO will back Pak Lah.

In the context of the above two public declarations, something tells me that Din Merican's statement is not to be taken lightly.

Yes, Dr M is back. And he has indicated in no uncertain terms that the game is still on.

Seeing that Pak Lah is keeping mum on the furore surrounding the UPM fracas and another display of open defiance by The Youth & Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said to go ahead with the proposed sports centre project in London despite public objections, he indeed has much on his plate to ponder on top of all the other troubling stuff that is steadily piling up.

Certainly, I'm not looking forward to what's coming next.



Blogger Helen said...

UMNO top man will be Malaysia's next PM. (assuming BN wins, which is most likely..) Unfortunately, ordinary rakyat (even the Malays) have no say in their UMNO affair. Top powerplay are only made available for few selected elites.

Us? Just go read about it in the papers. ;-(

24/7/06 16:05  
Blogger howsy said...

Welkam bek. Eh, how many mirror sites do you have one har?

24/7/06 18:18  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

This bloggoing one is essential becoz I realised from experience that the links I put up are no more assessible after awhile.

You seem to be targetted by certain bloggers lately, Howsy. Goes to show how femes you are getting, eh?? :-)

24/7/06 18:27  
Blogger desiderata said...

anak mereka:

as I say, te Sandiwara will go on on the PWTC Stage. This rumour coming from Din Merican is just another slavo fired by a Mahathir supporter to gain mileage -- toppling an incumbent is NOT that easy lah!
Inheriting lots of baggage from the old regime doesn't make the pM's job any easier, so he has to tread carefully, explaining the "slow" changes -- but you see defibnite steps have been taken.

As for stock market and economy -- maybe Pak Lah should come clean on PETRONAS. Like Din M can spread "hearsay", let me too spraed one here ~~ That a lot of new oil finds just before Dr M stepped down had been "forsold" at low prices, leaving Petronas with little to show in terms of cash-in-hand at hand despite announcing RM43.6billion net profits for FYE March 2006. If his hands are forced, the PM will "tell more" as he had been doing via the proxies -- Ani Arope, Tajudin Ramli, next maybe a Chinoserie at Bakun Damned?

No, this Epic Play is not a simple Boxing match of 15 rounds -- we are truly seeing a Silat or Tai chi combat, and thwe Sandiwara will climax either with next UMNO Assembkly when an Party Election takes place (2008?) or if an early General Elections will be called. Pak Lah's most testing time to "checkmate" his number 2, who will try to do a "Brutus" on Pak Lah, with Dr M's help. (They both owe each other one more...)

PS: I'm glad with your conclusion Malaysians don't have much choice of a better leader to replace Pak Lah, my conclusion from Nov 2003.

24/7/06 18:39  
Anonymous julthefool said...

Good idea re the bloggoing site, articles do disappear into archives etc. after a while... would be even better if it was catergised and such - it could be a useful resource for many bloggers etc.

The theory I've heard also says that Pak Lah will be a one-term PM, but that the next one will be Anwar...

Lots of speculation though... who knows...

24/7/06 18:57  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

About my bloggoing site, I actually wanted to categorize the posts but sadly, I admit I don't know how to do it. Are you able to help, Jul?

I invite any of my blog friends out there interested to share the bloggoing site with me so that we can provide a resourceful link for fellow bloggers to assess.

E-mail me your interest at

24/7/06 19:13  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Wanakam back!!!!

I do not agree with Din Merican. He is fortune-telling!

I think the imminent issue is how Pak Lah will tackle his son-in-law and how he can prove that his prodigal child will behave. Latest info is that he is unhappy with the prodigal child because of his flirtation with another. However, he has to serve his daughter's needs and wants and that boy is handsome and still tempting to her. He will be forgiven for his naughtiness.

24/7/06 20:53  
Blogger howsy said...

Kena ambush from all corners. Dun wanna be femes lar, later all chase after me.

24/7/06 21:41  

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