Friday, March 31, 2006

Small change for Nazri

"It seems to be happening always", says Nazri here.

So I suppose it really is no big deal for him to lose hundreds of thousands of ringgit worth of cash and jewellery to thieving maids. That's not including how much he lost to the previous maid who also ran away with his valuables. Too rich to count his money???

The scary thing is, one of the two maids had worked in his household for SIX years! Very scary indeed for the thousands of employers having a foreign maid at home.

"I'm so rich I can still smile after losing RM350,000.00 ...
worthwhile price to pay to get my face in the papers what!

Anyone making a beeline to his household for the new job vacancy? This man is a pretty generous employer.



Blogger howsy said...

Mayhaps he branded them 'Islam hater' so they took revenge by ransacking his house?

31/3/06 22:25  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

That's small change, Amoi!

Probably, the maid just pick these loose change from the floor. Consider it as charitable!!!

1/4/06 00:48  

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