Monday, March 27, 2006

So, has it been a fair deal for the Chinese, Dr M?

I read this amazing piece of statement by Dr M published in Page 10 of The SUN today.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not mince his words when he says that if Malaysia depended only on taxes paid by the Malays, it would not have achieved what it has today, the Chinese press reported yesterday.

He said Malays have to acknowledge that the Malay community contributed the least to making Malaysia a model country and to its current status in the world.

Addressing a forum on the Future Challenges of the Malays organised by the Kedah Malay Assembly Hall in Alor Star on Saturday, Mahathir said there is no doubt the country has progressed and prospered under the leadership of the Malays but that such progress was built on the hard work of other races.

"The government used taxes from the people to develop the country, but who contributed the most in taxes?"

"The Chinese! Their success in business has made them the biggest contributors in taxes."

He said Malays are behind the others not because they are inferior or lack resources but because of their culture and attitude.

Is anyone aware whether this piece of news was reported elsewhere in any of the other mainstream papers in this country, especially the so-called govt mouthpieces?

The fact that Dr M bravely acknowledged in public the huge contribution made by the Chinese community in prospering this country as well as financing the NEP that has helped the Bumiputras achieve so much in so short a time speaks a lot about this man who wrote the controversial book, The Malay Dilemma.

For too long, the non-Bumiputras have been made to feel like they have been taken for a ride because it is the price that has to be paid for the privilege of setting up home here.

And the older generation who witnessed the transition of this country from colonial rule to independence probably felt that it was a small and worthwhile price to pay. But surely they too did not bargain for eternal sacrifice to be exacted on their offspring and the future generations to come?

But this is exactly how most are feeling now. That there seems to be no end to it - the freeloaders obviously are not about to give up their cushy position.

There are many ways to continue robbing from Peter to pay Paul, some subtle and some truly offensive.

The question is, who is in a Dilemma now? Did the affirmative actions and policies unwittingly created a bigger beast that had gone berserk and out of control? Or did it create a lame duck, a sitting target waiting to be finished off by the unstoppable global forces?

The saddest part is, most people (in particular politicians) still do not realise that they have a lit fuse right under their nose. It is just a matter of time before they self-destruct because of continued ignorance and arrogance.



Blogger |dAia| said...

hei there,yup i'm going to pursue pharmacy under PSD if i pass my my a-levels that is.pray for me ya...;)

about Dr M,i really admire is true malays are lazy.i only hope a higher % of malays will realise it and get our lazy bums to work....

27/3/06 19:39  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Nurul, I have to disagree with you - a race (whether Malay or others) can never be collectively deemed lazy. That would be too simplistic to explain away the problem affecting our people.

Maybe part of the reason for the refusal to buck up could be because our govt has been too protective all this while. But the saddest thing is that a large section of Malays continued to be ignored by the ruling elite. And these Malays are the hardest working of the lot because they have no choice but to slog for survival.

I personally know of some Bumis who are just as discriminated from the purported benefits meant for them as their fellow non-Bumis. Most of the time it was because they do not have access to the right person who makes the decision to dole out the goodies.

Similarly, you might consider yourself lucky to have been awarded a PSD scholarship to pursue your degree when compared to others who are also equally qualified but less fortunate.

I certainly hope you will make the very best of your good fortune, study hard and come out tops in your chosen profession.

When you are successful because of your own effort and not because of our system, then you will be able to contribute to the betterment of your society and Malaysia as a whole.

It is young Malaysians like you who hold the promise of a better direction for everyone.

Please pardon me if it sounds as if I am lecturing you.

I truly wish you the best in all your future undertakings and will pray for your success. You are a rare gem because you are able to have an open mind and engage in such issues where others would prefer to hide behind the veil of sensitivities and political correctness.

Thanks for the feedback, my friend! Have a nice day ..

27/3/06 20:52  
Blogger howsy said...

Wondered how the ADHD 'You tak suka, keluar Malaysia' bloke will react to this?

So if all 'tak suka keluar Malaysia', wonder who will be paying taxes, and more specifically his big fat SALARY.

27/3/06 21:13  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Yeah Howsy - ADHD fella probably need to change his lifestyle together with his sexy lips boss-in-waiting.

27/3/06 21:18  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

It does not matter what Dr M had spoken and it should not matter that the nation had benefited from whichever race.

By any form of spoken words, it will not change the political development and the UMNO Agenda.

It is not about Malays; it is not about Chinese and Indians; it is about political greed and the abuses committed in the name of a singular community which dominates, that transforms the wealth of the nation to a selected class of beneficiaries. The result is, the Malays are the ones that sufferred but somehow, many still lives behind smoke screen believing in rhetorics and the "Kris"; believing that the system will grant them privileges and rights higher and more equal. It was fallacy and frivolous. What happens is the inversely disproportionate distribution of wealth benefiting the elite and the "anointed".

Somehow, the disadvantage lots grew aware of the limitations and understands the wisdom of survival and thrives.

27/3/06 23:03  
Blogger Lone said...

I wonder why he has chosen now to mention such things. Probably in the past he was too busy using up the tax paid to help his cronies.
I wonder why now that he has retired he seems to say the wisest of stuff.
Could he be another victim of the deadly March fever?
All is not lost when we get to see more Malaysians like daia/nurul, anak merdeka.
Let's all think first of ourselves as Malaysians rather than Malays, Indians, Chinese and lain lain.

28/3/06 00:13  
Blogger |dAia| said...

yup,u're right.we can't say that in the saying 'sebab susu santan binasa' [is that right]and i do need a encouragement right now... :)

28/3/06 18:43  
Blogger Wormie said...

Dr Mahathir is truely a remarkable man. He lamented about the backwardness of the Malays in the 60-70's and urged UMNO to have affirmative policy only to be kicked out by Tunku. In the later years, he was also the one who dared to criticise the Malays and lamented that the affirmative actions had failed. Not many leaders are so honest and dares to change their outlook. Truely a remarkable man.

2/4/06 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DM, a remarkable man ???!!!

He said this only after he is out of office. What has he done when he is in power ? NOTHING.

Ofcource he can say whatever he like now as an ex-PM.... just a way to get himself into newspaper(at least to the non-main stream).... "sheok" sendiri sahaja......

16/5/06 14:20  
Anonymous Dropout said...

As a non-Malay, I'm not gettign worked up about what TDM has to say. He never did anything to advance democracy or freedom of the press when he was in charge. He did not understand that when a leader legislate in favour of liberty, he is really providing for himself. Now that he is no longer relevant, he is complaining about being locked out of the media, etc. There is a lesson here for the PM: your turn will come. Make Malaysia and Malaysians behave the way you want to be treated when you and your family are no longer in power.

5/3/07 09:20  
Anonymous Peter said...

We are fooling ourselves if we think we will get a fair go in Malaysia in our lifetime. Maybe after the oil runs out and jobs all go to China (and India). Then it will be too late. Send me a brief email about yourself if you have trade (e.g. hairdresser, welder, chef)or professional (e.g. graduate) or business skills, speak English and are under 45 at: "". No obligation on you or me but it could change your life.

16/3/07 14:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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20/2/10 14:41  
Blogger 趙又廷Kirk said...

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23/2/10 21:12  

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