Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dehumanising voters in political decisions

At the Pahang State Assembly sitting held yesterday, a BN backbencher (Dr Nasharuddin Zainuddin - Tg Lumpur) wanted to know whether the state government has a policy to help opposition-held constituencies to which the deputy MB Datuk Tan Aminuddin Ishak said no, but added: "If you want to help the opposition, you can do so."

To me, that suggestion is loaded with sarcasm. It implies that if any BN leaders were to help the rakyat to obtain development funds in opposition-held constituencies (say to upgrade a road or facilitate electricity and water supply connection to rural areas or even repair a dilapidated school), it also means that they are "helping" the opposition.

Is this fair to the rakyat who all pay taxes to the government of Malaysia, irrespective of who you voted for at the ballot box? Did the BN government conveniently forgot that in an opposition-held constituency, it does not mean that every single rakyat of that constituency voted for the opposition? So those who voted for BN deserves to be punished along with the rest of the "anti-government" voters? I guess politics can harden some people and make them less compassionate towards the suffering of their fellow human brothers and sisters.

I am watching with interest the Pengkalan Pasir By-Election which will be held on 6 December 2005. It will say alot about how the people there felt post-GE 2004 and 2 years after the euphoria of Pak Lah's big win and what's been happening in the country since then.



Blogger carboncopy said...

N.12 is not a very good barometer for post GE 2004 among the people.

A by-election where
election-machinary out numbered voters, where scrony PAS ulamah vs gigantic super-duper over-wieght obese sumo terrorist of BN.

Still, my hope is, David will triumph over Goliath.

18/11/05 16:55  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

I'm just hoping that some arrogant people so cock-sure of winning will fall flat on their stuffed faces. Under different circumstances I will probably be very cautious in showing support for PAS but in this case, I think it is high time BN be given a timely reminder that there's a lot of promises made that's conveniently forgotten and the people are not too happy with it.

18/11/05 21:53  
Blogger carboncopy said...

This might interest you :
Nik Aziz diminta turun padang.

His (Nik Aziz) constituency was hit by storm and huge waves. The BN is capitalizing it as his in-action to help the victims.

I wonder whether there is a national plan for victims of natural disaster. And whether the plan includes consitutency of those held by non-BN parties.

21/11/05 14:02  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Thanks, Carboncopy for the feedback and add. info!

22/11/05 15:10  

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