Thursday, November 10, 2005

Badges of Honour or Shame Tactics?

A campaign has been initiated to kick-start the anti-corruption drive within the police force.

Today's The Star newspaper carried a report which says that all police personnel must now wear button badges with the words "Saya anti-rasuah" (I'm against graft) or face the wrath of the top brass.

On tope of that, four types of banners and stickers were also provided for all state and district police contingents to be displayed prominently on their police vehicles and workplace. These include:-

(1) Polis Bermaruah Tanpa Rasuah
(2) Jangan Memberi Dan Menerima Rasuah
(3) Rasuah Polis? Anda Akan Didakwa
(4) Rasuah Membawa Padah

I am all for it.

If we can't instil moral values on our people that corruption is bad, hopefully they would be ashamed of themselves if they were to accept bribes while wearing the "Saya anti-rasuah" badge prominently on their breast pocket for the giver to see. Certainly if an officer has a sticker bearing the words "Polis Bermaruah Tanpa Rasuah" on his vehicle, he risks bringing shame to the whole force and his family if caught taking bribes and thereby making a very public statement that he is a "Polis Tanpa Maruah".

Hopefully, we will see more efforts being taken to clean up our public services and improve the delivery system for the ultimate good of our nation and its people.



Blogger johnleemk said...

I don't really see the point. We Malaysians are used to graft already - how much difference will one more sticker make? Real and tough action has to be taken. Don't just transfer out those who are found guilty of graft. Sacking is not enough either. These are public servants. Haul them into court. That's what must be done, not these useless measures that won't have any real bearing on our shameless public and public servants.

10/11/05 15:35  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Know why these errant enforcers tend to congregate along dark stretches of roads and street corners? Because I think they still felt some shame deep within them when their hands extend out to receive the bribes. Only the very hardcore corrupt will feel no shame if he and his colleagues can look at each other with their "anti-rasuah" badges and still take bribes from the public.

10/11/05 17:46  
Blogger carboncopy said...

It is easier now to get duit kopi.

Just point to the badge. And make 'X' fingers.

11/11/05 01:11  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Haha ... I think Carboncopy has a good point. The "silent" signal does makes it easier to do business for the hardcore corrupt, eh?

11/11/05 11:21  

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