Friday, November 11, 2005

A Can of Worms

The 5-day work week implemented under Pak Lah's administration has certainly opened up a can of worms, the latest being the demand by the teachers' unions that they too want their weekends off. Our keris-waving Education Minister nows appeals to the unions to adopt a flexible attitude and even hinted at the possibility of compensating them with a special allowance for working on Saturdays.

So, now Malaysians not only have to deal with less productivity from our civil servants but an increase in govt expenditures as well. That seems to sum up very well the direction we are heading under Pak Lah's administration. Malaysia BOLEH!

Picture: Koala - a marsupial native to Australia that sleeps most of the time and wakes up only to eat.



Blogger johnleemk said...

I know personally how screwed up this is (I would have used the f-word, but I'm in an euphemistic mood today). Earlier this year my school forbade my scout troop from holding scout meetings on Saturday because no teachers could work on Saturday. (The school decided to implement government policy several months early.) My scoutmasters begged and pleaded with the school, but to no avail. The fact that these people volunteered their time and effort to train the scouts while studying and working on weekdays had no effect on the school. My father offered to broker some agreement to pay the teachers compensation, but this was rejected by the school. The scoutmasters soon resigned from the troop, and since then, my school's scout troop has been scoutmasterless. Call up the national Scout Headquarters in KL, and they'll tell you how many schools have been affected by this. It's ludicrous. Teachers exist to serve, not sit on their asses and get fattened on paycheckes for doing nothing.

11/11/05 17:36  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Such ridiculous situations could only arise because some people just plain enjoy being bureaucratic. Well, first they killed sports excellence at school level by killing enthusiasm for it, now I guess even traditional extra-curricular activities like Scouting is dying a slow death. Oh, I forgot! This is all in line with our Education Policy of producing a whole generation of students who only excel in mindless mugging for public exams.

11/11/05 18:57  
Blogger Honeydew Lemon said...

I don't believe this happen everywhere. Being the child of both parents who works as teachers I know how unaware people are with a teacher's workload. Delinquents and overly protective parents doesn't help the situation either. A teacher in my area (village) brings a 'parang' to school everyday, THEN only the troublemakers won't mess with him.

Anyway from my experience, teachers I've came across are actually going out of their way to provide extra classes, organise trips, organise activities with students without being paid a cent. Some even go to an extent to tutor students personally outside school hours for free hoping to help them get better grades.

Just like any other institutions, the education world is also filled with politics and red tapes. I dare say that alot of these good teachers are underappreciated. I support the government's efforts, though I'm still skeptical with how effective this move will be.

13/11/05 14:46  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Thanks for your comments, honeydew lemon. Actually, I am well aware that there are more good and committed teachers in our skewed system than bad hats. Unfortunately, it is always the lousy bad apples that messes up the good work of the majority. Don't take criticisms on this blog as a personal insult to teachers. I am actually referring to the lousy service that we are getting from other civil servants who deal with the public over the counter. These 5-day week thing is making it harder for the public to get their business done quickly without having to take days off from work just to get an appointment.

13/11/05 18:17  

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