Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bird hotels - no solution to the stink

MMA president Datuk Dr Teoh Siang Chin, in an interview published in The Sunday Mail last year (5 March 2006) said "in a situation where there was a danger of bird flu, the close proximity of birds to places where humans live or work can pose a risk."

He also said that residents living in areas where these activities are being carried out should also be vigilant and look out for any deaths among these birds and report the matter to the Ministry of Health.

This old piece of news is just a little reminder that Malaysians in general do not take the threat of bird flu seriously, considering that to-date, more than one year after Dr Teoh issued the warning, nothing seems to have changed regarding the operation of bird hotels in residential and commercial areas. All the protests continue to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Makes me wonder:-
What is wrong with this country??


2007 deadline to relocate swiftlet hotels in Perak here (5 March 2006, The Star)
Swiftlet hotels "cleared" of bird flu by Dept of Veterinary Services here (5 March 2006, Sunday Times)
Council tracking down owner of swiftlet hotels here (4 March 2006, The Malay Mail)
Bird's nest trade giving residents the jitters here (3 March 2006, The Malay Mail)
Purported health values in bird's nest delicacy here (3 March 2006, The Malay Mail)
Gombak bird flu virus similar to Indonesian strain here (28 Feb 2006, NST)



Blogger Helen said...

I read somewhere the expert concluded that bird flu virus is NOT carried by migration birds. In fact, migration birds who died here are actually victims of these bird farms contaminating the waters.

Yeah, plenty vacant buildings are now used to breed swiftlet. Some in the middle of the town. Bird flu or not, this is just not right.

23/6/07 15:48  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Yes Helen - the indifference by the authorities towards mushrooming birdhotels raises a lot of questions about our govt's seriousness in raising the standards of social and civic consciousness of Malaysians.

Unless of course the govt considers such birdhotels as part of tourist attractions, which would stupidly justify their apathy.

23/6/07 18:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this country?

Well, money talks big in this country. Swiflet's saliva is big money. Basically a Malaysian Chinese business and you will find many ex-politicians indulging in this big money business i.e. in Lumut all the way up to Kedah. Local authorities seemed contented to approved provided basic terms and conditions are fulfilled. And it goes to the debate whether the saliva is nutritional or not, is debatable. As long as there is demand, and it is not cheap either. Only the well-to-do and wealthy can afford it. But the majority has to pay for it with fear and health risk while the affordable eat it. Average income per month for "small timer" rearing these birds....minimum RM5000 per month revenue easily.

25/6/07 11:58  
Blogger Helen said...

Can do my tag ar? Pleeez.. :-)

25/6/07 16:01  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Gee, I'm flattered that you had me in your thoughts, Helen! Sure can do - will be the subject of my next post after I've mulled over it, okay? :-D

25/6/07 21:20  

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