Friday, April 13, 2007

Machap - business as usual

Did any of you notice that today's Friday the 13th?

Probably not, eh? Well, if you did, jangan pandang belakang lah, okay?

So, after all the fanfare and expenses have been tabulated, I hope BN is happy with the results they received in Machap. Victory is, of course, a given. And guess what? PUNDAK received 166 votes without even turning up!

Let's compare the results.

In the 2004 General Election, MCA received 5,847 votes compared to DAP's 1,285 votes. This means, between both parties, MCA received 81.99% while DAP received 18.01%.

In this 2007 by-election, MCA received 5,533 votes compared to DAP's 1,452 votes. This means, between both parties, MCA received 79.22% while DAP received 20.78%.

The turnout this time was 74.35% of the 9,623 registered voters in Machap.

Despite spending so much money and laying so many bricks in Machap for the past few weeks, BN saw their majority REDUCED.

Despite so much purported dissatisfaction with BN and its CEO, despite so much MCA-bashing that we have seen and heard through the various media and blogosphere, DAP only managed a measly improvement in getting the non-Malays to vote for them.

So, what does this tells us about non-Malay sentiments?

A slightly clearer picture will emerge after the Ijok by-election results are out. Samy Vellu ought to get ready to lay some bricks. It really works.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pays for MCA to tidur with UMNO sharing the same bed. But it's NOT "OK" for DAP and PAS. The Opposition must shatter this myth. UMNO's Malay agenda no problem-lah. Semua-nya OK!

13/4/07 16:50  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Even the Opposition were 'happy' for the Machap residents coz they got so much done for them during the by-election with BN spending millions of taxpayer's money on those 'treats' and 'candies'.

So Machap, once you find out these anomalies only happens when your MP kick-the-bucket, you will tend to wish for you present MP's demise for another round of 'goodies'.

14/4/07 02:54  
Blogger zewt said...

cant blame them... some new roads, clean water and electricity are all they need for a living. which of cos... u-know-who can provide...

14/4/07 11:13  

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