Sunday, September 17, 2006

The charm of Neka Art Museum in Bali

If you are visiting Bali for the first time, do try to go to the Neka Art Museum located in Ubud. Even if you are not an art afficionado, you will find much to enjoy here.

The museum is located in a beautiful garden setting overlooking a scenic river valley. The Neka Art Museum's large collection is displayed in several buildings patterned after Balinese architecture. Entrance fee is Rp20,000 per person and it is free for children 12 and below.

An excerpt from their website sums up what this place is all about:-

"The Neka Art Museum, previously known as the Neka Museum, is unique because its collection of foreign artworks by Balinese, other Indonesian, and foreign artists all were inspired by the natural beauty, life, and culture of Bali. The high quality of the Neka Art Museum's collection serves as a source of inspiration, information, research, and education for many people in Indonesia and from abroad. In this way, future generations of artists, especially in Bali, can benefit from it and develop their place in the national and global communities, while visitors gain a better understanding and appreciation of Balinese art and culture. The Neka Art Museum now is recognized as an institute of international standing."

I spent half a day there and thoroughly enjoyed myself and will not hesitate to return when I next visit Bali again, which I believe I will.

There are many more interesting sites around the island, and you ought to see and do much more than just shopping, which is doubtless another one of Bali's major attractions. You just have to experience it to be totally charmed off your socks!

Galleries housing artworks within the lush compound of Neka Museum

Beautiful Balinese maidens and painting of a happy Balinese family.



Blogger Helen said...

Yes, yes noted!! :-)

Working hard to fit into bikini and then book ticket to Bali. lol

17/9/06 21:30  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

I still haven't step in our National Muzeum yet... 4++ years in KL also never been there. Got 1 time I really wanna go during they put about ghost, but too long Q and not manage to go in :(

17/9/06 23:43  
Blogger PabloPabla said...

Hope you had a gala time!

18/9/06 11:28  

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