Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ways to make you change lifestyle

If the Ministry of Health can't persuade you to change your lifestyle to one that's more beneficial to personal and national interest, perhaps hitting you where it hurts would dismantle your stubborn insistence.

B(arang) N(aik) gomen's (possible) latest test of patience:- Sugar price increase.

Since the consumer (as represented by FOMCA) asked for it, okaylah! Gomen very nice. Gomen will support your request. Do you also want Gomen to raise the price of water and cooking oil while we are at it? After all, it's just a matter of when. Might as well get all the pain over and done with in one BIG dose of reality.

As a patriotic consumer who supports Pak Lah's noble agenda as articulated in Wong Sulong's commentary in The Star, I am increasingly finding it tough to stomach the dent in my pockets, while I constantly see some elected reps continue to waste public funds indecently. When are THEY going to change THEIR lifestyles??

Of course, decency is not a requirement of patriotism in Malaysian lingo, am I right?



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