Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Bloggers' Day to You!

I just found out today is International Webloggers Day! I dropped by the site, and the following statement caught my eye:-

... Behind every blog is a blogger, and the knowledge each of us has of any blogger is merely by the facet they expose on their blog.

It's an interesting thing, really, because one may choose to reveal as much or as little as one desires, but one's personality and character often leaks through unintentionally.

Maybe you can spot a person's color preference, a certain phrase they use often or a way of writing that catches your eye.


Happy InWeDay to all my fellow blogger friends, especially to those who have consistently connected with me through the comment boxes, both mine and theirs.

I truly enjoyed the virtual friendship. It's a different dimension of experience for me, one that is so far enjoyable.

But like Howsy once did in his blog, I guess each of us "envisage" a face behind the blogs we read especially those that choose to remain anonymous. No matter how we like to perceive the other person to be, I try to bear in mind that it is a very real person behind the blogger that I am connecting to. And this person has very real feelings too, sometimes sensitive, sometimes affected by the emotional turmoil he/she may be facing that particular day we come in contact.

And the scary thing is that no matter how we try to stay anonymous, somehow a blogger's personality do really leak through in the stuff that we choose to talk about. Kinda hard to avoid sometimes. If I blog long enough, I guess it wouldn't take Poirot to figure out who I am and where I live.

And hey - if you do figure that out, keep it to yourself okay?

Happy Bloggers' Day my friends!



Blogger desiderata said...

Happy inWEday to thee
Doing 1/2 Poirot
You live where Desi oso liveth
Malaya's Peyton Place nigh some coconut tree

but i oso hide in KL/PJ a lot
when Furong Hercules gets a li'l hot
I'm not so Anon-lah having orgas'ed three G7+ meets
It's okay to be known wat, otherWISE
Why do you think Dr Mahathir still wanna come out guns all a blazing?

Now, Anak M ~~ where is my AP?
Don't tell me you only gave to Mave&Howsy!

14/6/06 17:38  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

hAPpy Bloggers' Day to you here, Desi!
You are a lousy Poirot in this riddle. And I am worse still because I'm still trying to figure out the femes Desi YLChong. Why no foto-op in your abode, like Mave got in his blog?

14/6/06 21:12  
Blogger Fashionasia said...

Im terrified to let anyone i know know about my blog!! :>
but so far i've got 1 reader who actually knows me IRL(in real life)....known him since i was like...what...6??? so no harm there. And so far ive met up 1 blogger. Thats about it. Others bloggers i know by their Avatar.

15/6/06 09:53  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Meeting up with a fellow blogger? Oooohh.. you're so Brave, Fashionista. Bet both of you didn't just exchange fashion tips, rite? Happy BELATED Bloggers' Day to you too!

15/6/06 10:09  

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