Friday, June 09, 2006

Dr M's Sting (Ep. 4 - I'm Demonised!)

Latest update from The SUN Online today.

Dr. M: No answers, demonising me

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is disappointed that many questions and concerns raised by him recently were never answered. Instead, many were quick to critcise him.

"What is very disappointed (sic) is that, instead of explaining about the subjects that I raised and the complaints made ... all is said is whether am I right in making the criticisms or not and whether I am following the tradition of Umno or not." Mahathir said.

"The questions (I asked) were never answered. Maybe they did not have the answers and that is why they tried to demonise me."

The former premier spoke to reporters after presenting a keynote address at a "Islam, Humanity and World Peace" conference held in conjuction with the International Islamic Fair in Putra World Trade Centre here today (June 9, 2006).

"People who never followed the tradition are talking about me know ... I am not a hellion person ... I am a very crude person. Even Tunku's time I created problems."

The way Cabinet ministers are supporting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in everything that he says, "There cannot be much debate in the cabinet."

"Two days before, he (the Prime Minister) said he will build the bridge and two days later, he said again that he will not build the bridge ... and after that everybody said we will not build the bridge."

Mahathir said he wants his questions like APs, Proton, Agusta, the bridge and why a CEO like Tengku Mahaleel who was making money for Proton was sacked and instead someone else was brought in and (Proton) lost RM500million.

"Instead people are saying Dr Mahathir as an ex-PM got no right to talk ... he should just go home and sleep and not disturb anyone ... for your information I sleep well."

"The same people are saying this, the Cabinet members. I am sure after what I am saying today ... there will be major reaction stories done, I know how the newspapers work."

"Before this (they) were my cabinet ministers ... they agreed with me. As I had said, I always choose the wrong person."

On suggestions by many that he should meet Abdullah to sort out the issues, Mahathir said he met him in Japan and Abdullah told him a few things and he (Mahathir) listened and there was nothing else.

On Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah agreeing with him that the economy was not moving and that someone was influencing the Prime Minister, Mahathir said: "I do not want to bring anyone into the picture. I am only interested in finding the answers (to my questions)."

"I have no problems with Pak Lah or the government. I can't accept certain things that are being done. I want to know why. Why can't we build the bridge when we have already started it."

Mahathir said Tengku Razaleigh and Tan Sri Musa Hitam have got no right to make comments about unity, rift and not following the party tradition.

"Tengku (Razaleigh) created a rift and left Umno and formed Semangat 46. Musa broke many party tradition ... so what right have they got to speak about me now ... so both of them are not competent enough to talk about unity and not following party tradition."

Asked whom he thought was the one with an agenda and influencing the Prime Minister, Mahathir said many people are talking and that he is not brave enough to talk about it, "then they say Dr. Mahathir said it."

Asked for his opinion on the PM's son-in-law Khairy (Jamaludin), Mahathir said:

"He is the son-in-law ... are you trying to fish from me and sell more papers? I understand Khairy is the son-in-law."

"I will continue to speak as the Prime Minister himself had said that is my right, even though others think otherwise. If other people want to answer the questions it's alright ... if he (Abdullah) decides to keep quiet, it is alright."


It may be alright for him, but where does all this leads to?

A thought crossed my mind this morning. It happened many years ago, and I remembered it very clearly because it was the talk of the neighbourhood for days.

It happened right after our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman aka Bapa Malaysia passed away. Everyone in town expected then prime Minister Dr. M to give the revered statesman a state funeral and declare the day a public holiday as a mark of respect.

When none of that happened, almost everyone in my neighbourhood were disgusted at the mean way in which Dr. M treated the founding father of Malaysia. The speculative gossips went on for days after the non-event. It made a huge impression on my mind because my dad had quite a few spirited discussions with his friends in our house over mugs of beer.

I wonder if he remembered any of it?



Blogger desiderata said...

a few sayings cometh to mind~~~

What goes around comes around.
You reap what you sow.

PS: WE ain't see the climax nyet until the FAT LADY SINGS HER SWAN SONG. Tra la la -- wanna dance with me...

10/6/06 22:38  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

The TANgo or the CHaCHa, Desi? But I got 2 left feet woh! lol

Psss: The FAT LADY is kinda quiet lately eh??

11/6/06 11:47  

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