Friday, March 03, 2006

Pak Lah is not sweating in his job

I want to put up the following excerpt from M. Bakri Musa's blog because it was so descriptive of the current administration under Pak Lah as well as what we can expect from our PM throughout the remaining term of his office:-

"The performance of Abdullah and his team has been anything but cemerlang (excellence). It would be hard to have a straight face in referring to them as gemilang (glorious). Only they fantasize terbilang (distinction). This new team, with its core members securely ensconced, is nothing but temberang (bullshit). "

and this:-

"Abdullah and his “new” team is prepared only to coast along. It is the same old tired crew, being led by an equally tired skipper who is clueless and rudderless. We would be lucky if we were not swamped in these turbulent times."

You can read the rest of the text from "More Perspiration, Less Inspiration" which he co-wrote with Din Merican.

I wonder how many out there disagree with the popular perception that our Prime Minister's recent cabinet reshuffle and subsequent public announcements has failed spectacularly to inspire confidence in the rakyat that they had made the right choice in supporting the BN government during the last general election.

Expect more temberang in the coming days ahead when the rakyat start to get real angry upon waking up to the reality that their fixed Ringgit salary cannot possibly keep up with the increased costs of living.

More business for Ah Long from Bukit Beruntung?



Blogger sue said...

i know that everybody are complaining about the credibility of the new line-up, the increased of 30sen and the flash flood..etc
but it's not fair for him if we just simply jump into conclusion saying that he is not doing his job well. 2 years is just a short term to improved and accomplished anything..compared to Che Det who are very lucky..right time, right place..what happened now is a chain reaction of the past...enough said..

4/3/06 00:02  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hi again.

Personally, I like da man Pak Lah. He tries hard to be good and fair to everybody. The only gripe I (and maybe many others) have against him is that he is too SOFT on those whose behaviour is hurting his administration and the good of the country.

If you look at the way most local councils have been wasting public funds AND getting away with it, it does make one feel exasperated and disgusted.

Selangor is a case in point - after the PM had toured Bukit Cerakah with a disappointed look on his face, did anything change much in that area?

The Highland Towers case, the Shah Alam floods - all these and more are a direct/indirect result of the greed of men and the lack of accountability and responsibility of those in positions of power and authority.

Do you see anyone making an effort to avoid a repetition of such tragedies, now and for the future?

It is always ALL TALK and NO ACTION.

As I said, it is not about Pak Lah the man. It is about Pak Lah the leader we look to to protect our country and our resources from further abuse and pilferage by his selfish colleagues in BN.

We are just disappointed that these people continue to get away with their "crime" under the administration of Pak Lah.

5/3/06 17:12  
Blogger sue said...

those are not new issue or problem in our country, it has happened long time ago and it has become like a big root from 100years tree and damn hard to pull out, the only way is to chopped down the tree...but with Pak Lah 'soft' character i don't know whether the poisonous tree will keep on growing wild or else...*SIGH*
i'm too like are not against the gov. or being 'haluan kiri' or whatever they call it, but we have seen enough of this political crap and personal interest...

5/3/06 17:23  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Glad to note your agreement on the point that we have all heard enough of these "political crap" from BN leaders.

If those guys do a great job and along the way, make some money and go on the occasional rakyat-sponsored overseas trip, probably no one would have cared much.

The problem is they are getting all the perks while sleeping on their jobs.

You are right in saying that the poisonous root has grown so deep that it is hard for one man to pull it out.

In the midst of all this confusion regarding the leadership direction of Pak Lah, I find it amusing that there are actually people clamouring for a return of Che Det...

5/3/06 17:49  
Blogger sue said...

when Che Det announced his retirement, we actually doubt his decision, he's a man full of strategy and tricks,at that time Pak Lah was the only candidate who are 'clean' from any scandals or crisis..the released of Anwar Ibrahim was like a planned as well..we predict that Anwar and his supporters will make a chaos and things will go out of control and suddenly Malaysia need Che Det back, he's the only one who can save us'...i bukan tukang tilik, but slick politician knows how to move around..

6/3/06 11:43  
Blogger |dAia| said...

i don't know much about politics and in no position to critices it.but i do think that its a little bit early to judge pak lah.he is a soft leader,but leaders can be all sorts of type.maybe he's trying to inspire people first.maybe...;)che det is a totally different person.he has his own ways.

6/3/06 19:26  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Daia - I juga harap Pak Lah will eventually prove us critics all wrong and turn out to be the most successful PM Malaysia ever had.

But in the meantime, kesian all those salaried rakyat whose pockets sudah kosong sebab tanggungbeban hidup seharian semakin hari semakin berat.

Tambah lagi geram tengok pegawai kerajaan senang-senang pergi melancong luar negeri atas alasan "lawatan sambil belajar".

Itu yang saya maksudkan dengan kritik Pak Lah tak dapat control kuncu-kuncunya yang boros wang rakyat.

Eh - you rajin belajar tak? Exam macam mana? Puas dgn result?

7/3/06 10:38  
Blogger johnleemk said...

I think nearly everyone agrees that Pak Lah means well. The problem is that he is being rather, well, limp in his post right now. There are a number of relevant questions about this perception, however. For instance, might this be only because we grew used to Che Det's mighty personality and dominance of the government? Might Pak Lah merely be giving the appearance of weakness, waiting for BN to be crushed in the next GE and then use it as an excuse to appoint true reformers -- with popular backing -- to the Cabinet? It is easy to ignore the politics at work here -- incompetent and ignorant bums like Noh Omar, Samy Vellu, M. Kayveas, Kerismuddin, et al cannot simply be dropped at a moment's notice. The grassroots may support the move, but tell me -- how much of a role have the grassroots ever played in Malaysian politics? You cannot simply drop the President of the MIC or PPP or the UMNO Youth leader from the cabinet (or God forbid, all three at the same time) without incurring a huge loss of political capital.

It is my opinion that Pak Lah is only waiting for political capital in favour of reform (and this capital has to come from within the BN echelon) in order to carry out true reforms. He will not be seriously damaged by governmental inefficiency at this point in time -- after all, what has he done wrong? Everyone acknowledges that he wants reform. Nobody denies that he is a good man who means well. In the long run, allowing political capital to accumulate in favour of reform means allowing Pak Lah's political capital to accumulate. He should avoid playing his hand too early, else he might simply waste it all on a symbolic removal (how much good would taking Kerismuddin or Semi Value out of the cabinet do?).

Still, I'm probably wrong. According to William of Occam, the simplest solution is the correct one -- and in this case, the simplest answer is that Pak Lah is a well-meaning buffoon. Nevertheless, for the sake of Malaysia, I hope otherwise.

20/3/06 20:04  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

John! It's been a long time since you make your presence known here - I'm glad you are still visiting and in this case, make your voice heard here.

I wish I could be as optimistic as you on the strategies of Pak Lah - certainly if it turned out right, we Malaysians will be on the right track to a more accountable and respectable society. And everything else will fall into place in due course.

But could Pak Lah survive the political intrigues leading up to the next general election?

The heat is turning up fast because there is not much time left to waste before we go to the polls again.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear from you John - I hope you are doing well.

20/3/06 20:21  

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