Saturday, February 11, 2006

No Let Up (Selayang Pt 3)

In an update on the matter concerning local councils, Citizen Nades wrote a heartfelt article today in The SUN and I'm glad that I can get a link to it here.

In his "No Punches Pulled" column titled "People's action can be catalyst to evoke change", Nades' words evoke a strong feeling of helplessness in the following lines:-

What has been achieved despite exposing all the misdeeds and the nonsense that is taking place?

Does anyone care? Do those in authority take appropriate action against the wrongdoers? ...

Are we all fighting a lost cause? Have the powers-that-be become immune to the criticism heaped on them? Have they adopted a "I'll do what I like and no one can question me" attitude?

I have to say, the answer to the above questions posed by Nades must surely be obvious to all who have bothered to observe the goings-on in local councils around the country.

Consider the following truth:-

The annual reports put out by the Auditor-General are catalogues of shame - they outline excesses, sometimes bordering on criminality, but sad to say, no action is taken against the perpetrators who cause financial loss and sometimes, line their pockets with the people's hard-earned money.

So what do we do? What can the rakyat do to change things?

Every four years or so, we get to cast our votes to effect change but what do we get? Instead of sending a strong message to the ruling government that we are unhappy, what these people get instead is a resounding show of support and approval of their method of governance. That's a whole 92% support from voters in the past election.

Is it any wonder that we have inadvertently put in place all these "warlords and little emperors" with a huge stamp of approval from the ballot box?

It is very sad indeed but ultimately, the truth is that we get what we deserve because we made our choice and it is that choice which we have to put up with now.

So, for those who never bothered to register as voters, are you happy with the way our country is being governed? Are you happy with the service that you get from your local councils?

If you are not, please do get off the fence and register yourself as a voter and take the trouble to queue up and cast your vote in the next election. You have to believe that it is worth your time and trouble because your efforts will collectively be the "catalyst to evoke change".

The young generation must galvanise themselves to turn things around and steer our country towards positive changes. We cannot afford to see our country continue to be run the way as it has been for the past thirty years. In Nades' words:-

We have witnessed with disgust, pain and a deep sense of anguish the rapid and continuing erosion of the civil service.

The developments over the past months which have been highlighted in the media represent the fatal blows to all the concepts that we hold dear in the administration of the government and which the PM has been advocating.

Yes, the need for a clean-up of the entire machinery is urgent, like it must have been done yesterday. ...

It is you the people who can act as a catalyst to bring about change.

Instead of being silent spectators to the wrong-doings, it is time for you to act. You have to stand up and be counted. You have to, in no uncertain terms, state that you would not accept mediocrity.

If you don't act, don't blame anyone for it, especially the media ...

That is the most heartfelt message I have read in a long time.

Can everyone who has regular contact with the young eligible voters, such as those in NGOs, volunteer groups, clubs, associations ... any place where young people gather to exchange ideas and socialise, ignite the spark of interest to participate in discussions about the goings-on in our country, specifically on social-political matters which would have an impact on our society and our quality of life?

We need to engage our young minds to take an interest in the direction our country is heading, because ultimately, if we don't, we will find that we are helpless in the face of political, social and religious issues which get worked up into a full-blown crisis by manipulative sections of our society who know how to ride roughshod over the silent majority. And we WILL pay the price of apathy.

For once, let the voice of the decent folks be heard - loud and clear!

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