Friday, January 27, 2006

What's the public's verdict on Metramac case?

Why does it seems like this case is being tried in the court of public opinion?

Lawyer faces contempt (The Star headlines, 27 January 2006)

Metramac counsel facing contempt enquiry (NST headlines, 27 January 2006)

Lawyer faces contempt of court charges (The Sun, 27 Jan 2006)

Press Statement by Tun Daim Zainuddin over the Metramac case (The Sun, 27 Jan 2006)

Daim: It was cabinet's decision (The Star, 27 Jan 2006)

Declassify cabinet minutes, says Daim (NST, 27 Jan 2006)

Annuar and Halim didn't enjoy my patronage: Daim (The Sun, 27 Jan 2006)

Metramac case: Cheras MP quizzed by Bukit Aman (NST, 24 Jan 2006)

Lawyers' letters of complaint not unheard of (NST, 27 Jan 2006)

Court of Appeal to hear contempt arguments over Metramac case (The Star, 26 Jan 2006)

Metramac probe begins (The Star, 21 Jan 2006)

Halim's statement insinuatory and mischievous: Anwar (The Sun, 20 Jan 2006)

Daim rebuts court's findings (The Star, 19 Jan 2006)

Make A-G a political appointee (The Star, 19 Jan 2006)

Update on Metramac controversy (The Sun, 18 Jan 2006)

He was MOF when Fawziah Holdings lost concession to UEM Group (The Sun, 17 Jan 2006)

I did not steal money: Halim replies to Metramac judgment (The Sun, 17 Jan 2006)

Halim: He was not involved (The Sun, 17 Jan 2006)

Tan Sri Halim Saad's full media statement (The Sun, 16 Jan 2006)

DAP: Find out others involved in Metramac case (The Star, 16 Jan 2006)

Metramac judgment online (The Star, 15 Jan 2006)

Datuk Gopal Sri Ram's judgment on Metramac case (The Star, 14 Jan 2006)

Metramac to pay RM65 million (The Star, 13 Jan 2006)



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