Monday, February 06, 2006

Botakgate - a Ho and a Hum

Somehow, Pak Lah's non-commital answer to the Botakgate furore is not going to soothe the raw nerves generated by the high-handedness of our men in blue. In particular, this line of reasoning by the PM:-

"If they find that all procedures were followed accordingly, then there is no problem. Then all we can say is maybe there is something wrong with the rules. We cannot blame someone for following the rules." (NST 6 Feb 2006)

Yeah ... he's shifting his feet and trying to dispense justice and fairness to all.

But what if someone is manipulating the rules to inflict shame and humiliation on unsuspecting targets?

Will that be no problem at all? Semua OK?

How CAN ?? You think people are so stupid ah ??

Talking about stupidity ...

Let's see ... this is another strange case of the Boss and his underling crossing swords (or is it keris?) in the media today:-

Abdullah called on everyone to stop harping on the proposed formation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission.

"I have stated previously that the matter is being handled by the Attorney-General. Whatever action that is taken would be done with the intention of improving the police force." (NST, 6 Feb 2006)

Now, our YB Education Minister apparently has a problem with throwing his support behind his Boss:-

"Umno Youth was also not likely to support the setting up of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission." (The Star 6 Feb 2006)

Oops ... maybe YB Education Minister is trying to make himself popular with the police force considering that the men in blue have openly opposed the setting up of the Commission.

Whatever the reason, it sure makes the Boss look like a stupid fool because he just could not stop his own people and the civil servants under his administration from harping on and on about this matter.



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