Saturday, February 18, 2006

The comical antics of ex-AP Queen

It was just the wrong shampoo, that's all.

She just lurvs the attention, doesn't she?

Put her in front of the mikes, the flashing cameras and a horde of journalists around and there she goes again, frothing at the mouth.

God, how could she missed it?

That arrogant speech was just what everyone was waiting to hear from her! It was an invitation to a tight slap across the face from you-know-who.

Everyone knows who her "god"father is at this moment. No need to gloat for the whole world to see.

But remember how she incurred the wrath of her previous "father" not so long ago? Some priceless snippets from the past taken from this Bernama archive:-

"Jangan ada sesiapa yang mengandaikan bahawa saya bersikap kurang ajar terhadap Tun. Oh Tuhan! Mereka tidak memahami diri saya, mereka benar-benar tidak memahami saya," katanya.

"(Wujud) sesetengah salah faham bahawa saya bersikap kurang ajar terhadap Tun. Demi Tuhan, itu tidak benar! Saya tidak boleh bersikap kurang ajar terhadap Tun, saya menyifatkannya sebagai seorang tokoh bapa ... Ingat tak bahawa sayalah antara yang pertama berteriak apabila beliau (Dr Mahathir) mahu mengundurkan diri...sehingga kasut saya tertanggal?" katanya ketika cuba mengingatkan keadaan semasa Dr Mahathir mengumumkan hasratnya untuk mengundurkan diri sebagai perdana menteri ketika Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2002 di sini."

"Saya pegang Quran O.K?. Saya tak reti cakap main-main, hipokrit tak mahu. Saya percayai tuhan, kamu tahu."

That was the time we saw her in tears.

And now what? For her over-confidence in assuming that she is still in charge of the AP issue as reported in the news yesterday, Pak Lah has come out with a clear statement today which can best be described as a clear slap in the face.

Yep - sad to say this but she really deserved it, didn't she? That's the price of arrogance.

And not to mention insulting Pak Lah by implying that she stayed on in her post because God said so.

How dumb can she get?

For some nice headline pictures of this controversy, click this link to Jeff's website. For an amusing take on this issue, check out this howler.



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