Friday, December 02, 2005

Our Politicians Need To Be More Patriotic

People define patriotism in many different ways but most politicians in this country tend to have a very skewed definition of the word "patriotic". For the most part, they will claim that you are patriotic if you support their political party, their actions and their rule of law.

For me, all I want from my leader is for him or her to be truly patriotic and do what is only right and good for my beloved Malaysia. This may include but not limited to protecting its land and natural resources from being plundered by greedy people, by keeping the country safe and secure for its citizens and visitors alike, by ensuring that the distribution of the country's wealth and opportunities are fair and equitable for everyone, especially the poor and the needy, and by ensuring good governance to uphold law and order with only the best and morally fit people being appointed to positions of power and authority.

We cannot claim to be patriotic if our actions or inactions do more harm than good to our country and to our people, whether individually or collectively. What is your definition of patriotism?



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