Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snubbed for the world to see

I find it strange that our Prime Minister, being the numero uno of the ruling government, has so far graciously ignored the glaring fact that he has been repeatedly snubbed and contradicted by countless "small fries" in open defiance and wilful disobedience, often making him look like a complete idiot in the news media.

The latest decision by the PM to set up an independent body to investigate the "ear-squatgate" incident is another prime example of how he resolved the problem of wilful defiance by the Deputy IGP in refusing to carry out his specific instructions.

But my question is, what is he going to do with all those people who, for reasons best known to themselves, just simply refuse to carry out the Big Boss's instructions? Pak Lah is beginning to look like a Captain losing control of his ship and allowing the sailors to determine the direction of the port they are heading to. Kind of like a quiet mutiny going on in the background. First it started with the cook serving the Captain fish instead of the chicken he wanted, pretty soon it went spiralling downhill so fast the Captain was still wondering what was going on when he was tossed out of the ship into the high seas!

All these incidents and more beg the question of how effective a leader we have in Pak Lah. There is no more need to be Mr Nice Guy now that he is tasked with steering our country away from the gross excesses of the past administration. Things could move at a greater speed on course towards the intended destination when a firm guiding hand and no nonsense approach is emphasized as the key to reform.

I would like to give another analogy here. Have you, as an employee, ever worked in a company where the Boss is too friendly to the staff, where rules can be broken with no dire consequences, and every day that the Boss is out of the office is party time for all and sundry? What kind of employees tend to stick around in this type of company? Do you think this sort of leadership style is good for human development and success for the company in the long run?



Blogger Lone said...

Hi Cik Amoi,
This is what happens when we have a sermonising, talk_talk captain who probably has skeletons in his own cupboard. Talk too much and they threaten to open the cupboard doors a little. Talk more and one will find the doors wide open.
The man tells the whole world that he is setting up an independent committee to look into the "ear-squatgate" when the perpetrator has been exonerated by his deputy IGP and his own deputy in the Internal Security Ministry. He is just giving a reason for the Speaker to shutup interested MPs from debating the issue in the august house.
Can you see the sandiwara. Meanwhile the deputy PM says the independent committee will be setup soon enough, something like 6 months into the future!

29/11/05 19:39  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Lone, your suggestion that it is a very real possibility that we indeed have a lame duck PM brings goosebumps to my skin! Are we now doomed to suffer 2 more years under a headless administration, a potential police state at that? The sky is truly falling down!

29/11/05 22:22  
Blogger carboncopy said...

Actually, what Musa Hassan did was right. (As in snubing Pak Lah)

Wait don't stone me yet.

Police Force should be independent from the Executives. And they shouldn't take instruction from the Executives instead they should follow the rules and procedures. I know Mahathir had make Police as part of his mafia gang.

However, Pak Lah did the right thing to (try to) set up an independent inquiry board.

30/11/05 00:20  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

But Carboncopy, if we consistently have department heads publicly contradicting our PM and paying no attention to his directives, what does it say to all and sundry about the control our PM has over the running of this country? What is the role and function of the PM anyway?

We could move unwittingly towards a situation where the armed forces, the police force, the local council heads, the state govts and all the other pengarahs are emboldened to form their own power-bases where they have complete control over how things would be run, regardless of national policies and directives. It's already happening in some places.

Another question, can our country at this point of time be allowed to practise true separation of powers from the Executive after 22 years under the autocratic leadership of Dr M? Dr M had left a legacy so deeply ingrained among the bureaucrats that for the short term at least, Pak Lah would do better to practise the same-styled leadership of his predecessor by being tough and autocratic so that he can push forward his election promises and clean up the whole mess. How can a CEO be effective if all his supporting staff from the executives down to the receptionist & tea-lady are not afraid to snub and embarrass him at every turn?

30/11/05 12:06  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Latest breaking news - PM's office issued a "news blackout" directive to cover the Deputy IGP's behind for telling foreigners to go home if they are not happy with Malaysia's treatment of them, seemingly not aware that foreign news agency including BBC had already picked up and reported on this news item which was also broadcast over the local TV.
I am really scratching my head over this stupid move. Why is our PM committing such a political faux pas, making him seem more and more clueless in the eyes of the world community? Its a mad mad situation in the PM's dept.

30/11/05 23:41  

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