Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NEW! Firefox 1.5 free download

This is a news item I gleaned from today's The Star In.Tech page 17 which I want to share with readers of this blog.

New Firefox on the prowl
A new version of Firefox, the Internet browser that is cutting into the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, was released last week.
According to the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, which distributes the open-source browser, Firefox 1.5 offers enhanced security and privacy features, improved pop-up blocking, faster load times and automatic update capability.
"It's going to render your webpages faster, and the automatic update feature will make sure your browser is always up to date," said Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice-president of products.
"As a user you will notice the difference with this new version."
The new browser is available for download at www.getfirefox.com and its launch coincides with a marketing campaign to increase its penetration from 11% of web surfers, versus 85% of Microsoft's browser.

Well, I have tried it this morning and so far, I'm pretty impressed with the speed. I'm looking forward to getting more useful stuff from this new browser.



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