Monday, December 05, 2005

Congratulations Nicol David!

What a girl! Nicol David has done our country proud by her latest achievement in the world of squash. She is now officially the World Open Squash Champion after her latest win in Hong Kong. This is on top of her equally impressive win at the British Open Championship last October. When the December rankings list are out, Nicol David will be the World No. 1 female squash player. Truly amazing.

She is only 22 years old and her success is testimony to her grit and determination to realise her personal goals and dreams. She did it without much fanfare and fuss from our govt sporting officials. Let us hope she will continue to reach greater heights with quiet and purposeful support from those who value her contributions to our nation. And when the time is right, I hope our country will give her due recognition for the role she played in putting Malaysia on the world's map of sporting excellence.

Nicol, you are a great role model for young Malaysians. Bravo!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicol David is awesome! I hope her reign as world champion last a long long time.

If you'd like to see some nice action pictures of Nicol check out her website:

12/4/06 05:30  

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