Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Strictly for Calvin & Hobbes fans

I have loved clever cartoons since I was a small kid. Back then, I would save and save my daily school allowance just so I could buy the latest Charlie Brown & Snoppy books. And those imported books weren't exactly cheap but I didn't care. It gave me great satisfaction to see my collection grow. And I would just as studiously cut up the daily cartoon panels appearing in the local newspaper and paste them in my scrapbook. All these remain cherished memories of my youth and till today, they still occupy a treasured section of my collection of books & stuff.

And when I first came across Calvin & Hobbes, it rekindled the same kind of excitement I had felt for Charlie and his gang. I could not get enough of this precocious kid and his stuffed tiger. And when the strip was abruptly stopped by his creator, Bill Waterson, I was naturally disappointed. But we still get to read the exploits of Calvin & Hobbes in our dailies with the syndicated re-runs, which I am glad because they certainly spice up my day! And today I came across some news concerning Bill here which I would like to share with like-minded cartoon fans out there.

Cartoonists like Charles Schulz and Bill Waterson have brought much cheer and colour to my life and continue to do so whenever I pick up their books to lift up my spirits during quiet moments of reflection. It is amazing when simple words reflected in a few panels of well-drawn cartoons can do much to soothe the soul and bring understanding of the meaning of life to a deeper level. That is how much I have learnt from my connection with these cartoon characters. For that, I pay tribute to these two gentlemen for giving us two of the best cartoons ever published in the world.



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