Thursday, October 13, 2005

Parliament must remain strong and independent

That was the Editorial title of The SUN today, the first paragraph of which reads :-

Malaysians are being very sensitive these days. They bristle at even hints of attempts by the executive branch of government to make further encroachments into the legislature, the national Parliament. Not that there is any real separation of powers between the executive and the legislation anyway, considering that, among other things, members of the executive are also members of Parliament.

How very apt for us to be reminded that we do need to be vigilant at all times considering that Malaysians have given so much power to the BN government, all 92% of it through the last general election. So much has happened in our country since the euphoria of the big win sparking Pak Lah's famous catchwords of "Work With Me" and "I Want To Know The Truth".

Can we honestly say that our country has been going in the direction which we envisaged for the past 2 years? Has things really been better, both for the people and the country since Pak Lah took over from Dr M? Sometimes I cannot reconcile the conflicting personalities of "Mr Nice Guy Pak Lah" with the "Mr Politician PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi". I wonder whether my fellow Malaysians are equally confused by this strange man. I use the word "strange" for want of a better description.

We still have a few more years to go before we get a chance to go to the ballot box again. For the present, I also wonder how many voters who gave them the 92% majority has started to question whether they did the right thing or just being plain stupid for having been taken for a ride?

Somehow it feels like Malaysia has slipped into the "Twilight Zone". Strange, so very strange indeed.



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