Sunday, October 02, 2005

This 2006 Budget, why nothing for me??

After patiently sitting through the Budget 2006 delivery by our PM on TV last Friday, I felt a dull, throbbing headache and dry mouth.

Perhaps I was expecting too much in the form of some "goodies" such as personal tax cuts or increased child deductions or even separate deductions allowable for insurance premiums to ease the financial burden of present times. Anything to put some more much needed money into my already light pockets. But it was not to be. Frankly, this must be the most disappointing budget I have ever come across, at least to me personally.

And I think someone hit the nail on the head by commenting that the 2006 Budget should be called "A Budget for Government Servants". I certainly don't begrudge our civil servants who DO deserve all the little perks they are getting from our government BUT perhaps our leaders have in the process of appeasing them, (whether intentionally or not) forgotten a LARGE chunk of the private sector employees earning less than RM2000 a month, who also have to shoulder the burden of higher oil prices and rising costs of goods and services.

How are these people going to feel each time our PM subtlely hint to them that the subsidies will have to be gradually reduced and that electricity tariffs will soon go up, and that EVERY MALAYSIAN has to do their part to accept tough measures from the government in order to ride through the current economic difficulties?

I feel terrible indeed for the huge section of middle-class private sector employees (myself included) who are being left to fend for ourselves in these tough times. It's depressing, to say the least.

P.S. I have decided not to allow comments to be posted on my blog for the time being because I have been receiving some really weird ones lately, mostly exhorting me to view some indecent products or dubious websites. On top of that, I had also developed a phobia of some nasty weirdo posting nasty comments which might get me into some sort of trouble.



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