Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections of a restless soul

A look into my twitter timeline in the early hours of 18th August 2010 :-

3.58am RT @KarimRaslan: nazir razak has expressed many similar views. There is deep unease in local kl business circles abt msian econ future.

4.01am Msians, young and old, hv never felt more uncertain abt the direction this country is heading, politically, economically & socially.

This unease has created insecurities which then manifest into shameless public displays of bigotry, chauvinism, offensive/defensive tirades

Family dynamics too r indirectly impacted by the fragmented situation Malaysia is in right now, not least due 2 education being politicized.

There is no freedom of speech & expression, it is getting harder to make ends meet, streets/neighbourhoods r not so safe anymore in Malaysia

This land of milk and honey that attracted so many illegal immigrants to our shores are being milked dry by those who wield too much power.

Have we all meekly surrendered ownership of this country to d extent that we allow the few misguided loudmouths to dictate how we shud live?

Have we subconsciously allowed ourselves to be chased out of this country in search of a better quality of life for our loved ones?

Don't they see that it pains us to love so much and yet felt so unloved, dismissed and made to feel our numbers r so small it don't matter?

The ISA continues to exist, the abuse of public institutions and intolerance to peaceful displays of public opinion all point to degradation

Perkasa? Ridhuan Tee? Bullets in the mail? Racist schoolheads? Trivialising underaged moms & baby dumping? Sodomy & suicide note? Sad/crazy?

One must be so blind not to see the rot .. so selfish & unpatriotic not to stop the rot when u have the power and means to do so ..#Malaysia


One of the things I have been battling for a while is my inability to get a good night's sleep. I might go to bed at a reasonable hour before midnight but inevitably I'd wake up around 4am and remain restless and unable to turn off the sounds of the ticking clock or the occasional car that whizzes by. As I toss and turn, the first rays of sunlight start to filter in through the windows and I gave up, gearing for another exhausting day ahead.

It's been some months now. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. And find a way to bring the normal back.

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