Thursday, April 03, 2008

A crime statistic, again!

The first time my office was broken into was in 2000.

The glass door was smashed, a couple of computers were stolen, a camera and some cash. The police were called, fingerprints were dusted, pictures taken and when they finally left, one of the staff noticed 2 boxes of new and unopened floppy disks sitting on her desk was gone.

A few years earlier, my apartment was broken into while I was at work. I distinctly saw that a branded leather wallet was lying on my bed with the contents taken before the police came by. Three guys came in, and while one was talking to my husband and me in the living room, the other two went around the bedrooms to dust for fingerprints. After they left, my wallet was nowhere to be seen. *!&@*#^!!

I don't know which one upset me more, the fact that I lost some precious items including a much loved pair of diamond earrings given by my dad or the disappearance of my wallet in the presence of the police.

And no, I didn't hear anything at all from the police after the report was made in the above two incidences.

And today, it happened again.

My first floor office was broken into last night. The office above me was not spared either. I later found out that the burglars went on a spree last night, getting into almost all of the offices in the whole block.

This time though, nothing seems to have been taken. Well, nothing that I could detect up to now. The old computers are still there, all the other office equipment are there. Since I don't keep any cash in the office, I guess they left empty-handed.

But these idiots left one heck of a mess behind.

The glass door was cracked. The electronic key-pad was cut and yanked from the wall. The padlock on the iron grill was hacked off. The wooden front door was hacked and rendered unusable.

This time around, I didn't call the police. No prizes for guessing why.

I have enough of a headache already.

And as if to add more drama to my day, mom started to act up again this morning. Anyone out there wants to adopt a mom?

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Blogger Helen said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. There aren't security guards at your building?

I can understand you for not calling the cops. The only time ppl felt like making a report is when the loss of their MyKad is at hand. If not, they'll have to pay a fine for applying new MyKad.

Hope your mom is better now. My father is no better. He rang for my mother at odd hours like 2am or 3am. For nothing. lol

3/4/08 19:32  
Blogger zewt said...

anyway... even if you report... takde guna ler... u know what i mean.

3/4/08 21:50  
Anonymous adrian said...

I once had my handhone taken from my office and when I rang the guy up, he asked me to meet him someplace in PJ (celcom building beside police station). He wanted 1K cash in exchange for the phone. I told him I agreed.

I quickly ran to the police station to make a report and told them that what was going on. They told me to meet with someone from CID. I spent hours waiting there. They kept asking me to wait even though I told them that the guy was just waiting opposite the road! Never got my handphone back.

4/4/08 03:59  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Helen: Your mom did look rather tired in the photo .. now I know it was more than being forced to pose in front of satay sticks!! LOL

My office is located in a commercial area comprising 3-storey shopoffices and no, there's no security services. Actually, the crime level in Seremban is getting from bad to worse. Just five days earlier, robbers struck a row of shops 500m away from my office. The modus operandi looks the same - quite likely the same gang.

Our police force have a bad attitude towards solving such crimes. They seem to think it's no big deal, happens everyday so we ought to learn how to live with it.

Zewt: That's exactly my feelings.

Adrian: Yalor - you confirm what everyone says about the police. Like most govt offices, all they do is waste your time. So, you also voted for change lar, right??

4/4/08 12:38  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Eh Adrian ... I noticed something else. You never sleep wan meh??

4/4/08 12:39  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

I volunteer to adopt your mum. Call me dad honey, will you? (don't be mad, I just want to cheer you up)

4/4/08 20:25  
Anonymous adrian said...

Sleep? Isn't that a waste of time? Kakakaka.. nolar of course I sleep, just dun get enough sleep.

5/4/08 23:38  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hahaha ... I like your sense of humour Mave! But I give you chance, OK? You need not adopt my mom, lots and lots of sugar will do to be my daddy O. LOL :-D (Mad enuff or not??)

6/4/08 17:42  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Ahh ... Adrian! Here's one with lotsa sugar and not wasting time on sleep. Heheh ;-)

6/4/08 17:44  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Oh No, Poor you. Its gone so bad that no one even wants to make a report now anymore. How sad!

7/4/08 16:14  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hi MG, yeah ... it did burn a hole in my pocket to fix up the mess. What irks me most is seeing the police stepping up their "tahan dan saman" activities in town almost every day. More tulan than sad lah!

8/4/08 17:54  
Anonymous aston said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister -

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister - Chong Eng

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister - Kula

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

11/4/08 17:44  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Aston, you are embarrassing the DAP lah!

11/4/08 18:52  

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