Thursday, March 29, 2007

What about the NEP?

So, this survey has revealed that many of our youngsters are not too concerned about racial integration, meaning they don't give a damn if they don't have any friends from a different race.

And what do you know? Someone was quick to blame it on the vernacular education system.

National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Azmin said the most “probable” reason some teenagers did not have friends of different races was because of the “environment they are in, especially in schools.”

He said parents’ tendency to send their children to vernacular schools instead of national schools meant students lacked the opportunity to mingle and interact with their peers from other races.

Did someone suffer from constipation for weeks and thus off-loaded this massive pile of crap to add to the stink of this whole messed-up issue concerning our education system and national unity?

Tell me, what is the racial makeup of our civil service? Especially those who hold the highest ranked positions in their respective departments?

Do we have a fair representation of our multi-racial population in the teachers' room of our national schools? In our MARA junior science colleges? In our polytechnics? In the matriculation classrooms of our pre-U students?

Do we get the same opportunity to have our voices heard and our talents appreciated and utilised for the benefit of the nation?

Does anyone even want to consider what the implications of years of NEP have done to two generations of our people, resulting in those shortchanged looking to the future of a borderless world to escape the misery of discrimination in their backyard?

The NEP has been an economic success to those who are protected under its umbrella but at a great price to something else which holds all of us together as a nation.

It has resulted in the birth of a superior race, one who does not feel ashamed to declare lordship over all others by a wave of a sharp weapon.

Tell me, is the Education System vis-a-vis vernacular schools the one to be blamed for driving our youngsters apart along the lines of race? Anyone else missing the bit on religion?

I can go on and on.

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Blogger johnleemk said...

In all fairness, you haven't rebutted the original statement. It's misleading in that it pins all the blame on vernacular schools, but it is accurate in that they do contribute to disunity. Instead of rebutting that assertion, you argue that other factors, such as the NEP, are the main source of disunity.

To be honest, I do think that our school system (which also includes our perverted national school system and the MRSMs, etc.) is the main source of disunity. I just don't see people cliquing into discrete racial groups simply because some people got scholarships and others didn't.

29/3/07 11:50  
Blogger Fashionasia said...

oh hey..didn't know youre back in action!! :>

29/3/07 11:59  
Blogger desiderata said...


I assume you read my thots, like aweofhelen.
as for johnlee, he has a point too...but Anak Merdeka has everfy right to postulate from that DG's generalisation of what caused the "lack of racial integratiuon" problem, yes, li'l john?


I finally see thee, like AM, return from AWOL in this abode! How about we meet come May 19?

PS: TQ to AM for allowing Desi mis-using her propaganda channel!

30/3/07 12:41  

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