Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Pictures from Maetamann Rafting & Elephant Camp

These are some more pictures taken from the Maetamann Rafting & Elephant Camp in Chiangmai, Thailand. After we were done with the elephant ride, we proceeded to take another ride on a bullock cart down to the riverside. (Hmm ... perhaps Mr Vellu will be most pleased if we revived this primitive means of transportation in Malaysia.) It was a short ride, nothing spectacular really. However, at the riverside, we were in for another wonderful experience of taking a leisurely ride on top of a bamboo raft down the river. The journey was smooth, except for the occasional small rapids which caused the river water to splash over the raft, soaking our feet in the process. Luckily for us, we were seated on a bench about 8 inches above the water level. A light cool breeze blew over our faces as we meander slowly down the river, soaking in the tranquil and calm, almost zen like atmosphere. And I noticed too that there are no mosquitoes, flies or stinking smell hovering in the air. There are however the odd sight of rubbish hanging on higher branches of trees above ground, much like clothes being hung out to dry, a reminder of how high the waters rose during the last rainy season which caused widespread flooding in and around Chiangmai.



Anonymous Nelson, BolehLand said...

I notice there r so many elephant camps in Chiangmai. Which 1 shld I go if I'd like to hav the show, the elephant ride, the rafting and the oxcart ride all in 1? How much does it cost?

18/2/06 11:32  

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