Thursday, December 22, 2005

Getting Sex Education Off The Ground

Well, it's now officially made known to the public the decision by our Education Ministry to introduce sex education as reported here, here and here. The real surprise is that it is not only for school kids but for kindergartners, university & college students and even mature adults as well. I suppose it is a good move although it will be interesting to see how they are going to disseminate sex lessons to those who are already out of the formal education system. We shall have to wait awhile to see what it's all about when the whole thing is finalized next February.

Be that as it may, such a move by our MOE is long overdue considering the many forms of social ills that we have seen in our society insidiously building up over the years. Hopefully, with proper guidance and crucial information being made available to everyone in an open manner, we may be able to avoid incidences like what was being reported in the papers today. An 18 year old girl and her 24 year old boyfriend reportedly threw their new-born baby girl from the roof-top of a 4-storey shophouse in Kuching. We really do not know why they did such an awful thing but it is really the height of ignorance for this young couple to think that by killing the baby, they could get on with their lives with their conscience intact. A precious life is lost, a young couple will now have to pay the price for their crime, their families will be shocked and possibly stigmatised by it, their friends and all those who witnessed the gruesome scene will have to live with the awful memory of this mindless act. Could all these have been avoided?



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