Sunday, August 13, 2006

The humble cobbler man

is a cobbler man. He operates from the kaki lima along one of the shops lining the main street in Seremban town.

All his prized possessions which he needed to ply his trade are housed in the bright blue wooden box, which he kept locked at the end of the day.

He came from Sumatra, Indonesia many years ago with his brother. Not exactly a man of many words, he went about his trade studiously, pausing every now and then to smoke his cigarette which he positioned on an empty rusty tin can when his hands are full.

It's a dying scene in most urban towns. But I'm grateful for his service. For RM7 to re-sole a pair of my favourite sandals, it sure beats having to pay RM40 to have the same thing done at IKANO.



Blogger howsy said...

Definitely a dying trade. Even more for the shoe-polishing job. :)

13/8/06 21:43  
Blogger Helen said...

You're from Seremban meh?? This is surprising. lol

13/8/06 22:40  
Blogger howsy said...

AM's a broker. She travels to Seremban also. AM I right? :P

14/8/06 06:24  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Good morning Howsy and Helen! Both of u engaging in a spot of guessing there, eh? Btw, you guys didn't notice I made a mistake in typing IKEA when it shud be IKANO (which can be construed as "misleading"), but I've amended it now.

Howsy, shoe-polishing job is a popular trade these days, it all depends on whose shoes need to be polished. :-)

14/8/06 07:17  

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